Pat Ferguson: Denney for Congress

COVID-19 accentuated existing problems in our Congressional district. One is deficiency of broadband infrastructure. Pre-COVID, poor digital connectivity handicapped our rural communities in access to public safety resources, education, services and economic opportunities. We face falling behind in America’s economy. Comparing Congressional districts, ours is in the lowest fifth for internet availability and for subscriptions to service.

COVID-19 exacerbated those problems. Students are disadvantaged with distant learning. How can online lessons and group Zoom activities be effective with unreliable internet? How can they compete with others with consistent high-speed internet?

Working from home is an effective way to avoid COVID-19. When connectivity is compromised or non-existent, working from home is a luxury but continuing to work “in person” can risk exposure.

Audrey Denney, candidate for Congress from Congressional District 1, advocates for quality and quantity of connectivity. She realized the necessity of adequate internet before COVID-19 and its increased importance during COVID-19. Doug LaMalfa, however, voted against the HEROES Act which allocated $5.5 billion dollars for pandemic broadband funding. It is easy to see who is looking out for the interests of families and businesses in the North State. Vote Denney for Congress.

Pat Ferguson

Meadow Vista

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