HK maids earn more but work harder in Covid fallout

Foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong received higher salaries on average in the past one year due to a shortage of workers in the city. However, many workers suffered from heavier workload amid the Covid-19 epidemic.

At the end of last month, domestic workers were paid HK$5,012 (US$646.8) per month on average, up 1.35% from HK$4,945 a year earlier, said HelperChoice, an online recruitment platform for domestic workers, citing an analysis of 10,000 job ads.

The average salary was 4.7% lower than the HK$5,259 requested by domestic helpers but 8.25% higher than the HK$4,630 of the minimum wage set by the government.

For the same period, domestic workers’ salaries increased 6.3% to HK$5,533 in Wanchai, 2.2% to HK$5,373 in Southern Hong Kong Island, 8.7% to HK$5,188 in New Territories North and 1.1% to HK$5,168 in Central and Western Hong Kong Island but declined 1.4% to HK$5,027 in Sai Kung.

Workers in these five districts expected an average salary of HK$5,257, with several employers offering up to HK$10,000 per month.

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